Cat and Pig and other little moments

Giraffe didn’t know which little moment was her favourite…

The one where she found Cat in the lounge-room carefully choreographing a line dancing routine to the Backstreet Boys’ song ‘Everybody’.


That other little moment when she found Pig dancing his heart out in the kitchen to Beyonce’s song ‘Run the World (Girls).’


“Yes Pig?”
“Whenever I try asserting a boundary I feel guilty, wrong, bad, selfish, mean…
…but whenever I observe you asserting your boundaries I see beauty, strength, kindness to self and essentially kindness to others. I see something that is good, and right, and okay.”
“It is okay to have boundaries Pig” responded Cat.
Cat sat down and continued his response with a concerned sigh.
“Otherwise you can get exhausted, or worst resentful, or even worst than that you can get blown over by others.
It’s okay for you to build a boundary Pig…be it with straw, sticks or bricks….it’s okay.”
Pig looked up at Cat with his big eyes, blinking back tears of gratitude, love, fear and relief.


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