about Kate


My initial tertiary training in dance was at WAAPA, Perth. This was followed with exchange studies in dance composition and improvisation at the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam (2001).

Over time I developed a passion for the vulnerability and authenticity of improvised movement. I supported this through training in BMC, Skinner Releasing Technique, Butoh and Playback as well as in African and Contemporary dance. The focus here was on allowing my body a pallet of many colours and textures so that it could have expressive options. This was further supported by training in creating ‘scores’ through studying with artists such as Alice Cummins, Andrew Morrish, Anne O’Keefe and Al Wunder. I explored this learning by performing in events such as ‘The Little Con’, ‘Concoction’, ‘Conundrum’, ‘Precipice’, John Cage’s ‘Musicircus’ and ‘Boiler Room’.

‘The Little Con’

Over the course of my choreographic practice my aesthetic lends itself towards blending the rawness of the improvised with the precision of the choreographed. I am gripped by framing the body’s language with objects rich in metaphor. My inspiration is human story. My intention is to move, to provoke and to provide a space for deep reflection.

‘Dirt’ Weave Movement Theatre (Photo by Angela Bailey)

Significant opportunities that support/have supported the exploration of my artistic values include my current work at Footscray Community Arts Centre running workshops with professional artists with perceived disabilities (present); current membership and participation in events with the Artist’s Guild (2016 to present); a residence at studio 1.16 of River Studios (2012); Collaborating with the talented artists of Weave Movement Theatre to choreograph ‘Dirt’ (2009) and ‘Web’ (2008); A one year solo residency at Victoria University (2007); Working with artists of Ashanti Dance Theatre, Ghana, to create the trio ‘Merdaci Pa’ (2006); A one month creative development opportunity at PACT theatre, Sydney, which instigated the solo work ‘Levered by your love’ (2004); Creating a solo ‘undergroun.d.weller’ through the Melbourne Fringe AAP dance space grant (2003); A summer residency at the Choreographic Centre, ACT, for which the outcome was ‘I know I will miss her later’ and ‘Sketches of’ (2002); Participating in the Independence Performance Makers Creative Development Residency in Armidale (2001).

‘Dirt’ Weave Movement Theatre (Photo by Angela Bailey)
I know I will miss her later
‘I know I will miss her later’


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